Ok, before I start I want to say that i'm not really a "popular" DF player, and I am not (permanently) quitting. Maybe one month and i'll be back :).
Anyway in this kind of forum series I will write the stories of myself, and also some of the friends I have (and had) on DF. Let's start:

So, one day, about 3 years ago, I was browsing on a Minecraft server list and saw an interesting banner:
Diamondfire! Make your own minigames!

This got me very intrigued and joined the server, obviously. The community was very helpful and welcoming, and helped me create a new plot (I didn't know how to, I was a noob ok?). Now, I know there was a tutorial but I have no idea HOW but I skipped it (SHRUG). Then, I was worried that I skipped it and couldn't be able to restart it, but I saw an announcement in chat:
Have problem with your code? Do /support request and someone will come to help you!

I requested support, and someone (maybe MaxBuster or Sam, they were jrhelper anyway) came to help me. I just told them (after they asked me what's my problem) "Well, uh, how do I code here?" and then they said "Did you finish the tutorial?"

I felt pretty stupid and told them that I accidentally skipped it, but they were very polite and taught me some interesting stuff. I still remember my first code. It was a code that if you left clicked it would launch fireballs and that kind of stuff, I was amazed of this and I started brainstorming so many ideas!

I played around a little more, but decided to also check out other games for inspiration. The game that probably had the biggest influence on me was MaxBuster's Escapists. I played that game for hours with my brother, and we enjoyed it. I even made a stupid forum post about losing my escapes. I was cringy back then.

Anyway, I wanted to find some more games as MaxBuster's as I practically finished all of it (I still miss the times I got all of those kits and found all the little secrets..), so, another day I saw an ad for a new Prison game made by MarcusSlover. It seemed like they were searching for staff or something. I joined, and quickly became friends with Marcus, he was my best (and first) friend on DF! I added him on discord, we played on his server, it was amazing!

I then tried to start my first project - Obviously an Escapists. I've tried many times to recreate one when I was bored, or because my brother wanted me to, but every project ended being scraped (hell, I still do this, I don't think I even have ONE finished project in 3 years of playing!).

Ok, fast-forward couple weeks later, I have an unfinished project and theres this Halloween event ran by MrMine. That was the first time I actually met and talked with an admin, I felt amazing playing on there at the time, even though I didn't win anything.

Great, I don't want to keep this too long, so we're going to go to early/mid 2017. I don't know what happened, but I kinda got bored of just scraping my projects and school came in too, so I quit. And I never remembered DF again.

Until, this summer (2018) I thought to myself the 200th time, "Should I rejoin DF?", and this time.. the answer was yes, because I did. I still scrapped all my projects tho. Anyway, I got back into DF, and boy oh boy many things changed.

First of all, no more credits - now there's CP.
Then, I practically couldn't find any of my friends, BramvanZijp, MarcusSlover, no one. Some of them quit, some of them were just inactive, I started making new friends and then I just continued with DF.

One interesting moment in that time was that in about 1 month of me getting back, I saw MarcusSlover online, and didn't know if he recognized me. I asked him when he got overlord and that stuff (when I met him he was still a new Noble). I also met another player, that again, quit, online. It was Witherpizza, my 2nd friend on here, we made some cool parkour games together.

Ok, now we're here, after the xmas competition in which I submitted the plot "Santa's Mystery" (yea strange name oren chose it) with my friends oren130 and SuperDerp111, also big thanks to SuperDerp, he bought me noble after that, he was so nice :), then I bought Emperor and now, I believe the same thing is going to happen like in 2017. I just have more interests right now, for example discord bots and other stuff, and also got bored of getting ambitious ideas, trying them and failing, repeating the cycle. Maybe i'll come back soon.

Anyway, i'll still be active on Discord and the forums, just not as active on the game (btw funny thing I rly wanna be support but im too lazy to make a plot for it because I have no good idea that is not GTA5 in Minecraft so yea)

I'm also sorry if I posted this into the wrong thread and this should be offtopic.

Im a lazy guy.. mostly