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NOTE: Before I begin, please excuse any mispellings/misgrammatical stuff because im typing this super late at night :/

Hi guys!
Solar here! I'd like to make a small to major announcement, depending on how you view it! If you didn't know already, I can code in Unity 3D and make your DF games reach a wider audience on sites like Newgrounds, GameJolt, and more!

How do I get my game made?
Simple. For every new season for DF:TAWA (DF: To A Wider Audience), I will make a new "submission" post and the format example goes as follows:

IGN: SolarFlpz [this will help me figure out who sent the application]
Plot Name: Alone [ this will help me figure out which plot ]
Plot ID: 382 [ same as above ]
Time it took you to make (estimation, not needed to be perfect): A few nights [ this will allow me & my friends to estimate development time, not like it matters or stuff, just curious ]
Plot Description: Game where you controls 2 players via switching with special mechanics! [ gives the jist of the game incase me & the reviewers dont understand your game ]
Discord: Solar#3726 / DF Website Account Name (if you dont have discord): SolariusRK [ this is so i can contact you about the project and whether you have won for that season or not ]

Unforunately, I have already done a few select season 1 picks and lets congratuate EnderMaxs and his/her CUBEventure game out of a select list, to make it out further, Congrats!

Thanks for reading about DF:TAWA! After development of CUBEventure is finished in a while from now (idk ok), I'll hold Season II applications!

Thanks for reading!
~ Solar
Posted Feb 9, 19 · OP
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Hmmm... this seems really interesting!
Posted Feb 10, 19