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Patch 4.0 has been released! This is one of the biggest updates in the history of DiamondFire! Here are the highlights:

Functions - This powerful programming tool is now available for use on DiamondFire!  Define custom functions, call them from anywhere, give them icons, teleport to them, and more!

Repeat - One of four new code blocks in 4.0, this lets you repeat sections of code - even forever! This means you can finally create more than one loop per plot!

Control - This new block has new returning and loop-breaking capabilities to give you greater control over the new Repeat and Function tools.

LagSlayer - 4.0 comes with features that could potentially cause a lot of lag, which is why I've introduced an all-new LagSlayer! Based on nanosecond execution time, it's extremely effective and finding lag-causing plots and stopping them from causing further lag. Also, you can spawn more entities than with old LagSlayer!

And More!! - This update is brimming with bugfixes, addressing issues such as the iron golem pet and the riding-out-of-plots glitch. Also I made plots way cheaper to buy with credits :)

Be sure to use /patch in game to check out the full patch notes.

Enjoy the patch! - Jeremaster, DiamondFire Developer :diamondfire:

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