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Hello everyone!

Today (December 17th, 2016) marks the 2-year anniversary of DiamondFire!  Thank you so much to all the wonderful players and staff who have been part of our journey.  I'd like to give a shoutout to MrMine05, who was promoted to Admin today.  Congratulations, MrMine!

Here's to a great two years of DiamondFire!  We've got loads of exciting stuff on the way, so you can bet that year 3 is going to be amazing!

Thanks again to everyone for being awesome :)

- Jeremaster

Long story short, I am going to be shutting down the kNoCraft.com servers on November 16, 2016. Survival will be going down 2 days prior so everyone can have a chance to download the world. While I am posting this on DiamondFire's Website... DiamondFire is a completely different server and will not being going down. kNC is simply where we hold competitions and survival for our players.

Why? Two reasons mainly. First, quite simply, the server isn't worth what it takes to keep up. I've put in over 200 hours into coding the server, and it doesn't seem to be going anywhere or paying off. But that's ok and not anyone's fault but my own. I don't have the ability to advertise it... and that just may have been my problem. I enjoyed running it and seeing so many of you on, and I thank you guys for that. It has been fun.

Secondly, ever since I joined SpigotMC last year and uploaded a couple of the minigames I have made for kNC, I have gotton a lot of requests to do work on other servers. It actually has been super awesome because, as some of you may know, I was able to quit working at the local McDonalds and move into my field of expertise: Computer Science. These projects have paid off well and I'd like to spend more of my time doing them... which means I wont be able to maintain kNC anymore.

I went ahead and purchased one more month for you all so this change wouldn't happen with just 12 days of notice. Enjoy! But, for those of you with a rank, please Direct Message me so we can talk about compensation.

If you are interested in buying out the entire server, parts of it, or just getting general information on it, please contact me on Discord or at knoappgame@gmail.com. As the server is going down anyway, I am not going to make a huge fuss over its worth. This is just a chance to keep it running for everyone-- even if it is under a new owner.

Anyways, enjoy the last month of kNC, and I look forward to seeing you all more on DiamondFire!

Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, an unfortunate incident occured on node3 which caused it to be down for a significant length of time. After attempting to resolve the issue in many different ways, it became clear that the only way to resolve the problem was to regnerate one of the region files in Node3's world. This meant that all block data in that region (which contains 32 chunks) would be cleared.

I accept full responsibility for allowing this to happen, and I am deeply sorry to the 9 plot owners that had their plots affected. The safety of players' creations is arguably the most important priority on DiamondFire, and I will be taking steps to further safeguard players' work.

Here is a list of the plots/players affected:

Creeper_Da_Pie Game #9 - Creeper_Da_Pie

The Company Game. - WIP!!! - BratPfanneTV

Galaxy Wars - EJS2015

Test - kalnat

Lock & Load - _Reb1rth

[RedstonePvP] - W4PSB0T

PrisonBreak - AwesomeGuy_59

kipperskipper Game #9 - kipperskipper

ThePoptartCrpr Game #2 - ThePoptartCrpr

I will be giving each of these 9 plot owners 3 large plots to help compensate them for the work they lost. Again, I am very sorry that this happened and I will ensure it does not happen in the future. - Jeremaster

The giveaway has been completed.  Here are the winners!

203: Tubbyboy05 - Large Plot
369: CyborgCabbage - Large Plot
370: IAmTrash - Large Plot
218: beast_playz679 - Large Plot
64: door828 - Large Plot
77: CakeOG - Large Plot
166: NoHaxJustPipes - Large Plot
361: Tom250 - Large Plot
304: mathwhizkid- Large Plot
566: EnderMaxs - Large Plot
546: captainendz - Large Plot
446: MATIASBONTA - Large Plot
113: EnderMC_Gaming - Large Plot
307: Scorpiongamer101 - Large Plot
248: sssuperherobrine - Large Plot
228: RedSlimeySlime - Large Plot
115: firepeas - Large Plot
176: LlamaLord9001 - Large Plot
441: thecoolkid26 - Large Plot
124: MindCrash44 - Large Plot
226: TheGlassPrince - Large Plot
465: Dungeonbot - Large Plot
552: Owendowen - Large Plot
504: Ayyjj - Large Plot
522: Bob_La_bonne - Large Plot
62: LegoMaster3652 - Large Plot
427: GhostClientUser - $15 Voucher
263: Tominimax - $15 Voucher
569: branz05 - $15 Voucher
196: donovanlabbe - $15 Voucher
502: StillCaleb - $15 Voucher
529: sannor - Surprise Prize (5 x3 Boosters)
78: borigo6 - Surprise Prize (Massive Plot)
??: TheLoyalHorse - Surprise Prize (Massive Plot)
??: ingenioustm - Surprise Prize (Massive Plot)
525: gameknight989 - Grand Prize (double rank upgrade)

Please contact an admin if you won something and haven't yet received it :)

In celebration of setting a record month for DiamondFire sales, we are giving away free stuff!

What free stuff exactly? There's 3 different types of prizes:

Large Plot - 15 winners!

$15 store credit - 3 winners!

And the grand prize... a double rank upgrade* - 1 very lucky winner!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is join the plot "Giveaway!" by Jeremaster. Upon joining, you will receive a number. Please remember this number as it'll make claiming your rewards easier if you win. For super easy access to entering, just join the server and type /join 17.

The winners will be selected on August 31st (time TBD)

Good luck, and enjoy the giveaway!

* This means your rank will be upgraded twice!  So if you don't have a rank, you'll get Emperor, if you have Noble, you'll get Mythic, and if you have Emperor, you'll get Overlord!  If you have Mythic or Overlord you will have your choice of various options including store credit or giving to a friend.  We'll work out the details when the winner is chosen!

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