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Permanent Ban Appeal

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Minecraft Username: GoHomePalms & SoomMan_ (ALT)
Punishment received :
On my main account, I was banned for "Ban Evasion" - seen here
On my alt, no reason is specified just "The Ban hammer has spoken!"
Type: Ban
Punishment Reason:
Alt was banned 618 days ago, by Stk_Dominate
GoHomePalms (Main) was banned today (12/01/19) as I was made aware of this ban and I asked for advice from a moderator.
- If you were banned, you may choose to attach a screenshot of the ban screen instead.
Why should we shorten or revoke your punishment?
I believe Me & My alt should be unbanned. I'm not aware why my Alt was banned, other than the reason specified.
I was banned for Ban Evasion on my main due to me telling a Moderator (Specifically MaximumPain) about this and appropriate punishment was made whilst I appealed. I was only made aware of this ban when I tried to log into MCDF with my alt today (12/01/19).
Other notes:
If you know why my Alt was banned, please attach below so I can prevent this from happening if I broke a rule?
Posted Jan 12, 19 · OP · Last edited Jan 12, 19
Your appeal has been accepted for both accounts. Also, dont spam me on discord about your appeals, it wont make any difference. You should be unbanned within a few minutes,
"Getting what I want boy, why does that make u so mad?"
Posted Jan 13, 19 · Last edited Jan 13, 19
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