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Look to your right!

This is Discord! Our official communication server! Just create an account, and join our server! You can communicate directly with staff, request help, and report players. 

How do I join?

Simply hit "Connect" and create and verify your account!

How do I get "Verified" on DiamondFire's Discord Server?

  1. Join and Register on DiamondFire's Discord
  2. Set your nickname as your in-game Minecraft name
  3. Have a limited history of offenses on DiamondFire
  4. Request Verification by typing in chat one of the following:
    • @Jeremaster verify me
    • @kNoAPP verify me
    • @DragonSlasher02 verify me
    • @JayJay05 verify me
    • @YourLocalMudkip verify me
  5. Wait for an admin to verify you

Why did I lose my "Verified" rank?

You can lose your verified rank if you cause problems/break rules in Discord or in Minecraft. Remember, use common sense in our communication server! If it breaks a DiamondFire rule, don't do it!

In the event you have lost your rank, you can reobtain it in the Ban Appeals section of the forums.

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