DiamondFire Updates

Hey guys!  A bit of news for ya...

Most importantly, the server has been updated to 1.9.4!  If anything doesn't seem to work as intended, please let me know.  Currently the only known issue is with titles, and those should be fixed pretty soon.

Another thing is that I have changed my in-game name from Jeremaster103 to Jeremaster. :)

You may have noticed a slowdown as far as new features go, which I am sorry about.  A number of factors contributed... IRL stuff like testing, Minecraft craziness like the 1.9.4 update, generally being overwhelmed with suggestions, staff issues, and technical problems like the bad ping we had a few days ago... but I things should be mostly under control now and I can back to adding cool new content!  At the moment, Values is first on my list of things to add.

- Jeremaster

PS: To anyone who hasn't checked out our new Discord system already, it's pretty cool and you should definitely try it. (See kNoAPP's post below).

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