DiamondFire Updates

Want to get free stuff?

Well you're in luck!  This week, we're going to be hosting a special DiamondFire Spirit competition.

How does it work?  All you have to do is help more players find out about DiamondFire by promoting it on the internet!  Once you've done that, just send the admins a list of links to what you did, and based on the quantity and quality of each player's submissions, a winner will be selected!

Here's some examples of ways you can promote DiamondFire:

  • Check out some of the official DiamondFire posts (linked below) and comment on them.  Don't just write something random, talk about a minigame you made or a fun experience you had on the server!
  • Tweet about the server on Twitter.
  • Make a YouTube video on the server.

Or any other ways you can think of!  Just make sure you're NOT breaking the rules of anywhere you're posting. (So don't post on other servers' forums)

Now, you might be thinking, "Okay, so I use the internet to help out DiamondFire.  But what do I get if I win?"  The winner will receive a DiamondFire Spirit Award Pack, which contains the following items:

  • 1 large plot (100x100)
  • 5 double XP boosters
  • A special tag on the forums and the Discord server!

Here's some links to DiamondFire posts (more may be added later):

Minecraft Forums


Planet Minecraft

Be sure to upvote / diamond / etc these posts as well!

Remember, quality is a big part of this competition.  If you make one really good post that shows why you think DF is a great server, that will be counted as better than a large amount of posts with just "this server is cool".  Be creative!  Also, (unless it's obvious), please specify that you're not the owner of the server ;) don't pretend to be me!

Once you're ready to submit your spirit posts to the competition, just head over to the "Spirit Award" tab!

On behalf of all the admins, I wish you the best of luck!  Thanks for helping the server grow! :)

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