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Hopefully you all enjoyed the booster party.  It seems like many of you gained a lot of levels... a lot of levels.

While the booster party was certainly intended to be fun and bring in lots of XP, climbing 30 levels at once is simply too crazy.  While creator levels are supposed to recognize your skill as a game creator, over time it has become clear that it really doesn't do that effectively.  Players who barely have games can climb easily during big XP parties, a simple parkour can attract hundreds of players, and good quality games can sit empty simply because they go unnoticed.

We at DiamondFire are committed to constantly improving our systems, and the creator levels system is no exception.  We would like to recognize players who make great (and popular) games, and we also want to give you plenty of opportunities to earn cool stuff (like pets, gadgets, and special spawn eggs).  However, the creator levels system in its current form doesn't do those things as well as it should.  While the addition of boosters made it a lot easier for players to earn rewards, it made levels a much less accurate measure of who makes high quality DiamondFire games.

As such, I am hereby announcing plans to rework the creator levels system.  While this was not an easy decision to make (and the rework will not be easy to code), we're confident that it is the best course of action.

So what does a rework entail?  Pretty much everything will be different.  We'll release more details later, but overall the rework has these goals:

  • Players will be able to obtain the rewards they want at a faster (but more consistent) rate.
  • Players who make high quality games on a continuing basis will be recognized for their efforts with awesome chat tags and other features.
  • The system will feel less restrictive ("I really want Elder Guardian, but level 35 is just way too far away").
  • Achievements will feel more meaningful ("They're only level 50 because they were there for a boost party").

This is not a reset.  We're not just going to send everyone back to level 1; this is a complete overhaul of the system.  If all goes as planned, you will be able to keep all the rewards you've earned.

I think the best way to achieve the goals is to include players in the process, so please feel free to discuss the rework and make suggestions as to what you think would be the best way to achieve those goals :)

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