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Sabotage is Here!


About a year ago, the DiamondFire Admins first started introducing and playing Official DF Competitions on the server. Many times, this would be a player's change to get some xp, feature credits, and the occasional plot. We even gave away a donor rank in the "kNoAPP's Secret" competition in which we hid a special webpage on DiamondFire for you all to find.

Since then, I took it upon myself to continue these competitions while learning to code java plugins for the very first time. Eventually, upon JayJay05's request, Sphere Battles arrived! Many of you enjoyed playing this game which lead me to create another, On The Run. Although less popular, many of you still had fun playing this UHC-style game. With a lot of requests, we decided to launch the dedicated kNC server to host these competitions on. I was able to use this server to also bring back some of DiamondFire's classic games including O2 and P3.

But things have been quiet for the last few months. I've been working on something big... and I'd like to share it with you all. Introducing the newest DF Competition game: Sabotage.

What is it?

Have you ever played Trouble in Terrorist town? It's that. Exactly that. Sabotage features a mystery every round that players must uncover. There are Saboteurs among you. Players who have the urge to create chaos... but no one knows who they are. They could be anyone. However, there is one man everyone knows to trust: The Detective. His job is to lead the investigation and uncover who the saboteurs are in the town. There are also Innocent players in the town who must aid in the detective's efforts. But be careful! One wrong move and the town may think an innocent player is a saboteur! The saboteurs' job is to prevent the detective and the rest of the town from finding and killing them. The only way to do this is by eliminating the town one by one. The game ends when the town is killed, or the saboteurs are.

A simple guide...

The biggest key to Sabotage is a currency system called Karma. Karma literally determines how good of a player you are in the world of Sabotage. With a lot of Karma, you can buy perks and benefits to aid in your winning spree! However, too little, and you can be banned from Sabotage up to a day! Karma is earned by successfully performing your role in each game. For example, if an innocent player finds and kills a saboteur... he gains Karma! But if a innocent player kills another innocent, a ton of Karma can be lost. This means it is highly important to hold off your attack until you are 100% the other is a killer. In a Saboteur's case... killing others is a good thing! Doing so earns you karma. You will also know who the other Saboteurs are. Be sure to work with them! Finally, the Detective's rewards/penalties are cut by half! This means that the Detective can kill players without losing too much Karma. Use this to your advantage!

Extra karma may be spent with /sab shop in-game!

Good luck!

We will be playing Sabotage every so often on the events server at kNoCraft.com. Be sure to save the ip! I look forward to seeing you all there! If all goes well, we will have another awesome game to play for competitions! Thanks and enjoy!

Sidenote: I am trying to get a list from jere of all DF Donors... We may be transfering some of the ranks over soon (maybe Mythics and Overlords). I'll keep you guys posted.

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