DiamondFire Updates

In celebration of setting a record month for DiamondFire sales, we are giving away free stuff!

What free stuff exactly? There's 3 different types of prizes:

Large Plot - 15 winners!

$15 store credit - 3 winners!

And the grand prize... a double rank upgrade* - 1 very lucky winner!

All you have to do to enter the giveaway is join the plot "Giveaway!" by Jeremaster. Upon joining, you will receive a number. Please remember this number as it'll make claiming your rewards easier if you win. For super easy access to entering, just join the server and type /join 17.

The winners will be selected on August 31st (time TBD)

Good luck, and enjoy the giveaway!

* This means your rank will be upgraded twice!  So if you don't have a rank, you'll get Emperor, if you have Noble, you'll get Mythic, and if you have Emperor, you'll get Overlord!  If you have Mythic or Overlord you will have your choice of various options including store credit or giving to a friend.  We'll work out the details when the winner is chosen!

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