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Hi everyone,

As some of you may know, an unfortunate incident occured on node3 which caused it to be down for a significant length of time. After attempting to resolve the issue in many different ways, it became clear that the only way to resolve the problem was to regnerate one of the region files in Node3's world. This meant that all block data in that region (which contains 32 chunks) would be cleared.

I accept full responsibility for allowing this to happen, and I am deeply sorry to the 9 plot owners that had their plots affected. The safety of players' creations is arguably the most important priority on DiamondFire, and I will be taking steps to further safeguard players' work.

Here is a list of the plots/players affected:

Creeper_Da_Pie Game #9 - Creeper_Da_Pie

The Company Game. - WIP!!! - BratPfanneTV

Galaxy Wars - EJS2015

Test - kalnat

Lock & Load - _Reb1rth

[RedstonePvP] - W4PSB0T

PrisonBreak - AwesomeGuy_59

kipperskipper Game #9 - kipperskipper

ThePoptartCrpr Game #2 - ThePoptartCrpr

I will be giving each of these 9 plot owners 3 large plots to help compensate them for the work they lost. Again, I am very sorry that this happened and I will ensure it does not happen in the future. - Jeremaster

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